"There is a large and growing universe of UCITS funds targeting absolute returns. We want to help investors understand this universe better, and enable proper comparisons between different funds."

Georg Reutter

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JPM Global Macro Opportunities

This multi-asset macro strategy has been managed by the global macro investment team, headed by James Elliot (CIO), since November 2012, with the UK OEIC launching in February 2013. The team sit within the wider Multi-Asset Solutions team at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, and leverage significant multi-asset class experience and macroeconomic research. The philosophy behind the process is that global macroeconomic trends are the principal driver of asset class returns, and the team look to dynamically exploit this with a thematic, risk-aware investment process. Since inception, the fund has delivered annualised returns of 7.0% with a volatility of just 7.5%. This is in line with the team’s primary objective of delivering a positive return over rolling 3 year periods in all market conditions. The fund is not calibrated to a specific target return, with the team’s focus on maximising returns in a robust and stable framework.

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JPM Global Macro Opportunities
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Carmignac Portoflio Long Short European Equities
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BlackRock UK Absolute Alpha
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Strategy Research - Multi Asset Macro
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Index Oct 18 MTD YTD 12M 2017
AH Global Index -1.94 0.1 -3.2 -3.2 3.6
AH Credit Index -0.65 0.2 -1.6 -1.6 1.5
AH Equity Long / Short Index -2.98 0.4 -2.5 -2.2 6.9
AH Event Driven Index -1.24 0.7 -2.6 -2.8 1.5
AH FX Index -0.95 -0.2 -1.7 -3.3 -3.8
AH Macro Index -0.62 0.2 -3.3 -3.8 1.7
AH Managed Futures Index -3.18 -1.5 -8.9 -7.9 2.6
AH Market Neutral Index -0.99 0.0 -1.7 -2.1 1.4
AH Multi Asset Index -3.36 0.4 -4.4 -3.8 6.2