Lumyna - Millburn Diversified UCITS


Fund Strategy Managed Futures
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor Millburn
Fund Currency USD
Fund AUM $275.6m
Fund AUM (GBP) £208m
Fund AUM as of 24 September 2019
Fund Inception 08 March 2017
Fund Indices AH Managed Futures UCITS Index

Fund Objective

The investment objective of the Millburn Diversified UCITS Fund is to achieve capital appreciation through a fully systematic and quantitative trading approach that seeks to profit from opportunities in a wide array of liquid markets. The Fund seeks to identify opportunities in both rising and falling market environments through the use of a multi-factor, systematic and risk-managed investment approach that extracts information from a variety of price, price-derivative and non-price data sources. Trading in more than 90 global futures and currency instruments, the strategy has historically demonstrated low correlation to traditional long equity and bond investments, as well as strong performance during many periods of stress for such traditional asset classes.


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