Jupiter Global Levered Absolute Return


Fund Strategy Equity Long / Short
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor Jupiter Asset Management
Portfolio Manager James Clunie
Fund Currency GBP
Fund AUM £42.4m
Fund AUM as of 30 August 2019
Fund Inception 19 October 2017
Fund Indices AH Equity Long / Short UCITS Index
Sub Index - Equity Long / Short Conservative

Fund Objective

The Jupiter Global Levered Absolute Return fund seeks to generate an absolute return over a three year rolling period, independent of market conditions, by investing on a global basis. The fund is a levered version of an existing unit trust portfolio managed by the team, and is designed for investors seeking exposure to the strategy with a higher level of volatility. Positions within the unit trust strategy will be levered up for inclusion in the Jupiter Global Levered Absolute Return fund portfolio. As a starting point the leverage will be approximately 2x, although the fund managers will adjust the leverage on a case-by-case basis for prudent portfolio management, taking into account factors such as fund flows and regulatory requirements on maximum position sizes.

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