Bluebay Global Income Fund


Fund Strategy Credit
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor BlueBay Asset Management LLP
Portfolio Manager Blair Reid, Raphael Robelin, Mark Dowding
Fund Currency USD
Fund AUM $24.2m
Fund AUM (GBP) £18m
Fund AUM as of 04 December 2018
Fund Inception 03 November 2017
Fund Indices AH Credit UCITS Index

Fund Objective

The fund aims to generate income by investing in bonds that pay a fixed interest. The fund invests in a wide range of fixed income bonds globally, including emerging markets. The fund is expected to invest in bonds of any rating which pay a comparatively high income. The fund may also invest in convertible bonds that pay a fixed interest (but can be exchanged for shares at an agreed ratio if appropriate). The fund may invest in any currency with the exception of local currencies (currencies of emerging market countries). The fund may use derivatives (such as futures, options and swaps, which are linked to the rise and fall of other assets) to obtain, increase or reduce exposure to underlying assets and may thus create gearing which may result in greater fluctuations of the value of the fund. The manager of the fund will ensure that the use of der


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