MainFirst Contrarian Opportunities


Fund Strategy Managed Futures
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor MainFirst Bank AG
Portfolio Manager Björn Esser, Timo Teuber, Christian Schütz
Fund Currency EUR
Fund AUM €128.7m
Fund AUM (GBP) £112m
Fund AUM as of 19 September 2019
Max Gearing / Exposure 500% Gross Notional
Fund Inception 22 February 2018
Fund Indices AH Managed Futures UCITS Index

Fund Objective

The sub-fund invests in various asset classes, in particular equities, bonds and currencies. It primarily uses derivatives to take long and short positions in these asset classes. Currency positions are mainly opened using FX forwards and futures. The investment objective of the sub-fund is to generate average returns of three to five percent a year above the 3-month Euribor, over a period of 3–5 years, regardless of medium-term equity and bond market performance.

Reference Index

JPM Cash Index Euro 3 Months


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