JB BF Absolute Return


Fund Strategy Macro
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor Swiss & Global Asset Management
Portfolio Manager Tim Haywood, Daniel Sheard
Fund Currency EUR
Fund AUM €216.6m
Fund AUM (GBP) £189m
Fund AUM as of 30 November 2018
Fund Inception 30 April 2004
Fund Indices AH Macro UCITS Index
Sub Index - RV Macro

Fund Objective

The fund invests globally according to the "absolute return approach", in bonds with a wide variety of maturities, credit ratings, countries and currencies, and in derivative financial instruments. The fund allows investors to delegate investment decisions to experienced specialists. Appropriate investment strategies are used to seek to profit in an optimal way from chances and opportunities as they arise on the bond markets. The investment aim is to achieve positive returns, irrespective of market performance. The Fund return target is 3m Euribor +2% - 3% p.a. with a maximum Value-at-Risk of 6%, 99% confidence.

Reference Index

EURIBOR 3 Months


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