BlackRock European Diversified Equity Absolute Return


Fund Strategy Market Neutral
Fund Geography Europe
Investment Advisor BlackRock Investment Management
Portfolio Manager Simon Weinberger, Rob Fisher
Fund Currency EUR
Fund AUM €19.8m
Fund AUM (GBP) £17m
Fund AUM as of 31 August 2019
Fund Inception 06 August 2010
Fund Indices AH Market Neutral UCITS Index
Sub Index - Market Neutral Systematic

Fund Objective

The BlackRock European Diversified Equity Absolute Return Fund seeks to achieve a positive absolute return for investors regardless of market movements. The Fund will seek to achieve this investment objective through an investment of at least 70% of it stotal assets in equities and equity-related securities (including derivatives) of companies domiciled in, or exercising the predominant part of their economic activity in Europe and, when determined appropriate, cash and near-cash instruments. The Fund will be highly diversified across the universe of European equities, whilst seeking to minimise net exposure to underlying European equity markets. In order to achieve the investment objective and policy the Fund will invest in a variety of investment strategies and instruments. It intends to take full advantage of the ability to invest in derivatives providing long, synthetic long and/or synthetic short positions with the aim of maximising positive returns.


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