Pictet Corto Europe


Fund Strategy Equity Long / Short
Fund Geography Europe
Investment Advisor Pictet Funds (Europe) S.A.
Portfolio Manager Nils Francke, Philippe Sarreau
Fund Currency EUR
Fund AUM €613.9m
Fund AUM (GBP) £536m
Fund AUM as of 24 September 2019
Fund Inception 09 April 2010
Fund Indices AH Equity Long / Short UCITS Index
Sub Index - Equity Long / Short Directional

Fund Objective

The Fund follows an equity long/short investment strategy. The objective of the Fund is to achieve long-term capital growth in absolute terms with a strong focus on capital preservation. Traditional long positions are coupled with (synthetic) long and short positions, which will be achieved through the use of financial derivative instruments (such as total return swaps). The Fund will take exposure principally to companies, which are domiciled, headquartered or exercise the predominant part of their economic activity in Europe. For this purpose, the Fund will mainly invest in equities, equity related securities (such as but not limited to ordinary or preferred shares) and financial derivative instruments.


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