DB Platinum Ivory Optimal


Fund Strategy Equity Long / Short
Fund Geography US
Investment Advisor Ivory Investment Management, L.P.
Portfolio Manager Curtis Macnguyen
Fund Currency USD
Fund AUM $61.6m
Fund AUM (GBP) £45m
Fund AUM as of 31 May 2018
Fund Inception 14 April 2014
Fund Indices AH Equity Long / Short UCITS Index
Sub Index - Equity Long / Short Conservative

Fund Objective

The principal investment objective of the Optimal Strategy is to deliver high, risk-adjusted absolute returns with low correlation to market indices. The Optimal Strategy takes long and short positions, primarily in equity securities of publicly traded companies, and may also invest in debt securities and other liquid instruments. The Optimal Strategy seeks to generate returns primarily from individual security selection ("alpha") as opposed to overall market exposure ("beta"). Returns are expected to be derived from both capital appreciation and investment income.


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