U Access (IRL) Trend Macro


Fund Strategy Macro
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor Trend Capital Management LP
Portfolio Manager Ashwin Vasan
Fund Currency USD
Fund AUM $169m
Fund AUM (GBP) £127m
Fund AUM as of 18 September 2019
Fund Inception 09 July 2014
Fund Indices AH Macro UCITS Index
Sub Index - RV Macro

Fund Objective

U ACCESS (IRL) Trend Macro (the “Fund”) is a discretionary global macro fund that seeks to identify and capitalize on fundamental trends in currencies, interest rates, credit and equity in both developed and emerging markets.

Typically, the portfolio is comprised of 10 to 30 investment themes, with an average holding period of one to three months. The Fund primarily trades fixed income, foreign exchange, equity indices, credit indices, sovereign credit and related derivatives across all liquid markets. The fund does not trade individual equities, individual credits without significant government ownership, or physical commodities for speculative purposes. Generally, trades are diversified by geography and asset type, as well as by “risk on”
versus “risk off” with the goal of capital appreciation regardless of market direction and with little or no correlation to a broad range of indices


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