MS Nezu Cyclical Japan UCITS


Fund Strategy Equity Long / Short
Fund Geography Japan
Investment Advisor Nezu Asia Capital Management Limited
Portfolio Manager Fuyuki Fujiwara, Yuki Akiyama
Fund Currency USD
Fund AUM $78m
Fund AUM (GBP) £56m
Fund AUM as of 30 September 2016
Fund Inception 21 July 2014
Fund Indices AH Equity Long / Short UCITS Index
Sub Index - Equity Long / Short Conservative

Fund Objective

MS Nezu Cyclicals Japan UCITS Fund ("the Fund") seeks to generate long term positive returns through investment in Asian equity and equity related securities with a primary focus on Japanese cyclical sector equities. The investment process utilizes extensive company and industry level research to develop views on the relative attractiveness of many different cyclical sectors and stocks. Cyclical sectors include (i) manufacturing sectors such as basic materials, resources, autos, machinery, semiconductors, electronic components and precision equipment and (ii) non-manufacturing sectors, such as advertising or airlines. The Fund seeks to generate performance by identifying turning points in production, inventory and pricing cycles and by determining the equities it anticipates will win and lose as a result of these trends.


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