Kestrel Global Portfolio


Fund Strategy Multi Asset
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor Kestrel Partners LLP
Portfolio Manager John Ricciardi, Gustaf Hagerud
Fund Currency GBP
Fund AUM £123.4m
Fund AUM as of 30 August 2019
Fund Inception 02 April 2010
Fund Indices AH Multi Asset UCITS Index
Sub Index - Multi Asset Macro

Fund Objective

The objective of the Fund is to achieve capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of asset classes across global markets. The Fund seeks primarily to invest globally in listed equities, debt securities, money market instruments, structured financial instruments, cash and financial derivative instruments such as futures, forwards, options and swaps. The Fund will also invest in exchange traded funds, exchange traded commodities and collective investment schemes which will give exposure to these instruments and asset classes as well as to global real estate markets and commodity markets. Allocation between asset classes is based on the level of risk that the Investment Manager deems appropriate using its own proprietary statistical models. In order to enhance returns, the proportion of risk assets to which the Fund will be exposed, and hence the Fund’s overall risk profile, will be adjusted according to the Investment Manager’s view on the direction of markets over the coming quarter.


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