Absolute Insight Dynamic Opportunities


Fund Strategy Macro
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor BNY Mellon Asset Management
Portfolio Manager Matthew Merritt
Fund Currency GBP
Fund AUM £107m
Fund AUM as of 01 September 2019
Fund Inception 06 November 2013
Fund Indices AH Macro UCITS Index
Sub Index - Multi Asset Macro

Fund Objective

The Fund aims to achieve its objective on a rolling 12-month basis through discretionary management and may employ a range of hedging techniques. In addition the Fund aims to target 3 month Libid + 5% on a rolling annualised 5 year basis gross of fees and expenses. It is a global macro oriented fund that takes long and short positions across a range of asset classes, using a range of absolute return approaches designed to capture returns with low correlation with mainstream investment markets.


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