Absolute Hedge Gold Award Winner 2015 FX Pioneer Absolute Return Currencies


Fund Strategy FX
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor Pioneer Investments
Fund Currency EUR
Fund AUM €79.5m
Fund AUM (GBP) £69m
Fund AUM as of 29 May 2019
Fund Inception 12 October 2004
Fund Indices AH FX UCITS Index

Fund Objective

The fund seeks to achieve a positive return in all types of market
conditions. The fund invests mainly in a broad range of currencies from around the world. The fund may also invest in bonds (mainly short-term bonds), and money market securities and deposits. The fund seeks to take advantage of changes in exchange rates and seeks to hedge currency exposure. The fund may use derivatives to reduce various risks, for efficient portfolio management and as a way to gain exposure (either long or short) to various assets, markets or income streams. This may generate a high level of leverage. In particular, the fund will invest in in a large number of forwards and options. The investment manager uses a discretionary and qualitative approach to assess opportunities by targeting both long and short currency positions. The investment manager uses a combination of market and economic analysis to identify trends in currency exchange rates as well as attractive securities.


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