DB Platinum IV Basso


Fund Strategy Credit
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor Basso Capital Management, L.P
Portfolio Manager Howard Fischer
Fund Currency USD
Fund AUM $17m
Fund AUM (GBP) £12m
Fund AUM as of 28 September 2018
Fund Inception 27 February 2015
Fund Indices AH Credit UCITS Index

Fund Objective

Basso is a Convertible Arbitrage strategy managed by Howard Fischer at Basso Capital Management, L.P. in Stamford, CT. Launched in 1995, the strategy is based on bottom-up, fundamental research to identify opportunities in convertibles, focusing on credit metrics on individual companies as well as cash flow analysis of corporate balance sheets as well as evaluating and understanding the convertible’s legal documents. The investment team focuses on credit research, structural analysis and underlying company fundamentals in order to identify opportunities across a company's entire capital structure. A key part of Basso’s strategy is to closely scrutinize legal documentation to find market opportunities and to better understand risks. The core of Basso’s philosophy is to take an opportunistic approach to investing. There is no typical allocation to any one particular convertible strategy or region, and leverage is adjusted based on market opportunities. Individual positions and company exposures are generally limited to no more than 3% of the Fund’s capital.


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