Prosper Global Macro


Fund Strategy Macro
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor Plurimi Investment Managers
Portfolio Manager Patrick Armstrong, Eugen Fostiak
Fund Currency EUR
Max Gearing / Exposure 200%
Fund Inception 11 June 2014
Fund Indices AH Macro UCITS Index
Sub Index - Multi Asset Macro

Fund Objective

The objective of the Global Macro Fund sub-fund is to offer investors long-term capital gains through a flexible allocation of its assets. In view of the Global Macro strategy this sub-fund implements, the sub-fund seeks to profit from changes in the global economy. Therefore, investors’ attention is drawn to the fact that the sub-fund may use a broad range of instruments to successfully implement this strategy and to adapt to changes in the relevant economies. Essentially, the sub-fund dynamically allocates asset classes within a portfolio comprised of equities, bonds and convertible bonds, money market instruments and cash and cash equivalents.


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