Absolute Hedge Bronze Award Winner 2015 Macro TM Fulcrum Diversified Absolute Return


Fund Strategy Macro
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor Fulcrum Asset Management LLP
Portfolio Manager Suhail Shaikh
Fund Currency GBP
Fund AUM £894.7m
Fund AUM as of 25 September 2019
Fund Inception 26 March 2012
Fund Indices AH Macro UCITS Index
Sub Index - RV Macro

Fund Objective

Fulcrum Diversified Absolute Return (“DAR”) is a diversified multi-asset fund investing across the four liquid asset classes (equities, bonds, currency, and commodities). DAR is benchmark unaware and has an investment objective of Inflation +3-5% p.a. over rolling five year periods. There is a strict risk limit, including an ex-ante volatility limit of 12%, and a permanent insurance overlay to help protect against extreme losses.


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Absolute Hedge Bronze Award Winner 2015 Macro