C-QUADRAT ARTS Total Return Garant


Fund Strategy Multi Strategy
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor C-QUADRAT Kapitalanlage
Portfolio Manager Leo Willert
Fund Currency EUR
Fund AUM €151.5m
Fund AUM (GBP) £132m
Fund AUM as of 30 June 2019
Fund Inception 06 December 2011
Fund Indices AH Multi Strategy UCITS Index

Fund Objective

C-Quadrat Arts Total Return Garant is a fund of funds with flexible investment guidelines and an 80% peak guarantee (in relation to the peak daily NAV realized), guaranteed by the Barclays Bank. The fund aims to achieve long-term absolute growth in all market conditions. The management distinguishes between “risky” and “non-risky” assets. The “non-risky” asset class is used to provide the guarantee level and consist of market components and bank deposits. The risky allocation of assets may fluctuate between 0-100%. The fund may also make use of derivatives.


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