DB Platinum MidOcean Absolute Return Credit


Fund Strategy Credit
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor MidOcean Credit Fund Management, L.P.
Portfolio Manager Bryan Dunn
Fund Currency USD
Fund AUM $355.8m
Fund AUM (GBP) £269m
Fund AUM as of 30 April 2019
Fund Inception 13 January 2016
Fund Indices AH Credit UCITS Index

Fund Objective

DB Platinum MidOcean Absolute Return Credit (the “Fund”) is an open-ended UCITS compliant fund that seeks capital appreciation by generating stable, absolute returns. with a relatively high Sharpe ratio and low drawdowns over the long term. The Investment Manager of the Fund is MidOcean Credit Fund Management, L.P. (“MidOcean”). To achieve this objective, the Investment Manager aims to follow an absolute return credit long/short trading strategy, the Fund intends to follow the MidOcean Absolute Return Credit strategy (the “Strategy”). The Strategy employs a long/short corporate credit approach focusing on US companies: the Fund primarily invests in liquid short-dated corporate bonds, with a core focus on callable securities and credit default swaps, the combination of relative value positions with outright long or short credit holdings will typically produce a low duration and diversified portfolio. The Strategy utilises fundamental analysis to seek alpha opportunities primarily in short duration callable bonds, particularly in the 'crossover seam' between high yield and investment grade. Portfolio construction is performed with strict constraints on sector and industry exposure and the portfolio seeks to be as close to credit risk and market risk neutrality as possible. The gross leverage is not expected to exceed 750% of the value of the Fund.


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