KLS Zebra Global Equity Beta Neutral


Fund Strategy Market Neutral
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor Zebra Capital Management, LLC
Portfolio Manager Roger Ibbotson, Eric Stokes
Fund Currency USD
Fund AUM $47.3m
Fund AUM (GBP) £35m
Fund AUM as of 30 August 2019
Fund Inception 30 June 2016
Fund Indices AH Market Neutral UCITS Index
Sub Index - Market Neutral Systematic

Fund Objective

The KLS Zebra Global Equity Beta Neutral fund is a systematic, equity beta neutral strategy which seeks to exploit the liquidity premium among public equities. The fund takes long positions in overlooked stocks with strong fundamentals and short positions in more popular stocks with weak fundamentals. The investment objective of the fund is to generate long term absolute returns while maintaining a market neutral position through a portfolio of global equities.


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