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Georg Reutter

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Latest Research

Fees in Alternative UCITS

The huge rise in the popularity of passive investing seen over the last decade has had a variety of impacts on the asset management industry in general, with fees for actively managed funds coming under particular pressure. This downward trend has been prevalent for some time in long-only equity funds, where active managers have been finding it increasingly difficult to prove their worth versus low-cost ETFs. This, in turn, has had a knock-on effect in the wider industry, with alternative strategies no exception. In this research report, we explore the average levels of fees across the space, as well as exploring the subtle differences across strategy groups.

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Fees in Alternative UCITS
Industry Research
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Monthly Fund Performance Report - September 2018
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KLS Lomas US Equity Long Short
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Fund Research
KLS Arete Macro
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Index Sep 18 MTD YTD 12M 2017
AH Global Index -0.21 -1.4 -1.3 -0.4 3.6
AH Credit Index 0.14 -0.4 -0.9 -0.7 1.5
AH Equity Long / Short Index -0.35 -1.8 0.5 1.7 6.9
AH Event Driven Index -0.05 -1.4 -1.4 -1.7 1.5
AH FX Index 2.28 -0.3 -0.8 -3.1 -3.8
AH Macro Index 0.29 -0.3 -2.7 -2.8 1.7
AH Managed Futures Index -1.76 -2.8 -5.9 -1.8 2.6
AH Market Neutral Index -0.21 -0.7 -0.7 -0.5 1.4
AH Multi Asset Index -0.28 -2.9 -1.1 1.1 6.2