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Monthly Fund Performance Report - October 2020

Our monthly performance report highlights the ten best and worst performing funds in each strategy, both for the prior month and the year to date. Featured funds this month include: InRis Prentice, IAM EJF Alpha Opportunities, GAM Star Alpha Technology, and AQR Style Premia.

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Strategy Research: Equity Long Short

In this research report we build upon our existing classification framework, which segments the broader ELS landscape into two sub-strategies, and examine the universe in greater detail, while also identifying more granular trends in performance and flows.

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Strategy Research: Global Macro & Managed Futures

Global Macro strategies are a central pillar of the alternative investment universe and remain apopular allocation for UCITS investors. In this research we examine the links between discretionary macro, systematic macro and trend following, with the aim of highlighting the similarities & differences across this subset of managers.

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New Fund Profiles

BlueBalance Global Opportunities Fund
Uploaded 4 days
CFM ISTrends Equity Capped Fund
Uploaded 6 days
BH Absolute Return Goverment Bond Fund
Uploaded 12 days
M&G (Lux) Episode Macro Fund
Uploaded 13 Nov 2020
LandseerAM European Equity Focus Long/Short Fund
Uploaded 12 Nov 2020
Mariana Principal Asset Allocation Fund
Uploaded 03 Nov 2020
Pictet TR Aquila
Uploaded 26 Oct 2020
PrivilEdge - Graham Quant Macro
Uploaded 26 Oct 2020

UCITS Universe AUM

30 September 2020
£207.3b -12% YOY


Funds AUM
Equity Long / Short 165 28%
Credit 82 14%
Multi Strategy 77 13%
Macro 67 11%
Market Neutral 66 11%
Managed Futures 41 7%
Multi Asset 37 6%
Event Driven 33 6%
Volatility Arbitrage 15 3%
FX 6 1%
Commodities 5 1%
Macro £42.6b 21%
Multi Asset £39.4b 19%
Equity Long / Short £32.6b 16%
Credit £30.5b 15%
Multi Strategy £21.5b 11%
Market Neutral £14.3b 7%
Event Driven £10.4b 5%
Managed Futures £5.8b 3%
Volatility Arbitrage £4.7b 2%
FX £869m 0%
Commodities £450m 0%

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